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Decks are exterior platforms that are usually built in front of a patio door or back door to allow the person to go outside the house, and be able to stand above the ground level. Decks usually have recreational purposes only. They are not required to be at residential housing by code in most cases, but decks play a big role of the house design and add value. Some decks can be a part of the house structure, if designed in such a way.


There are many different deck styles, the very basic one is a wooden platform built out of wood joists with proper support, covered with flooring boards.

Deck Framing

The structure can get more complicated if the deck has to be built on the second floor of the house. Then the framing system of the deck has to be built on concrete pads, large enough to hold all the weight that will be distributed on them. It is essential to use a proper sized post and beam system and the right flooring joist size as well. Joist spread will depend on what kind of floor covering you will choose (Cedar, Composite, Hardwood, etc.). 

Decking Installation

Another option of the deck to mention, is when you want to build a roof over your deck. In this case your support pads and your post and beam system will have to be even more severe because the roof will add a lot more weight to your deck. Also you will have to deal with attaching your deck roof to your existing roof or to the wall of your house. It usually involves redoing parts of your existing roofing or siding. The roof over your deck plays a big role in protecting and maintaining the deck. Decks with a roof over it, require very little maintenance because its protected from all the weather by the roof. Another very important part of a second story deck is the railing. Railing is required on all decks if they are built on the height from which a person can fall and get injured. Stairs leading to a second floor deck also are required to have rails on them.


A further deck option to consider is a flat roof deck. It's a completely unique style of decking that is usually built above the house living space. It is designed to work as a roof and a deck. This allows protection of your home and gives the homeowner the ability to utilise the outdoor space. It has a completely covered insulated floor to prevent water intrusion into the living areas. It has to be built at a minor slope with proper water drainage. The flooring is covered with a durable membrane that can withstand heavy foot traffic which is either rolled onto the deck with a brush/roller or applied as a whole piece cut to the deck parameters.


Materials that are used to build the deck:
Your in ground supports are usually made of concrete that is poured into forms or pre-made concrete pads that are placed in designated areas. Posts, beams, and flooring boards have to be built out of pressure treated materials, in order to withstand all the weather conditions and to prevent from rotting of the deck frame. You have a big variety of choices for your deck floor covering. You can go with regular fur boards screwed onto your flooring joists, or quality cedar decking boards, hardwood flooring such as Mahogany, and there is also a big choice of composite decking material out there right now. Composite decking material is made of non-rotting components that will not be affected by any kind of fungus or rodents. Composite decking can be installed with concealed fasteners which look a lot nicer then screws on top of the board. Railing can be made out of wood or metal.
Make sure to call your local deck professionals at Decco Design for a job done right! 

Important Facts about decks: 

1.A very important detail in deck construction is when you install your ledger board. A Ledger board is a joist that is attached to the house wall framing that works as a support of the decking joists on the house side. The outer side of the deck is supported by posts. The ledger board has to be attached directly to your house framing with ledger lock screws and be protected on top with metal flashing. It cannot be attached directly on top of your siding because this will create a water damage situation later on. So when building a deck with siding already installed, you will have to take apart some of the siding to install a ledger board the right way.
2. Joists have to be secured with metal hangers to prevent the joists from sagging down under the weight of the deck.
3. If using composite decking materials for flooring, the joist spread cannot be more than 16" apart to prevent the flooring boards from sagging in between the deck joists. Using regular wooden flooring (Cedar, etc.) requires a 24" maximum spread of floor joists.
4. Using the right sizes beams for certain deck spans is very important, this prevents sagging and getting the whole deck to go off level with time.
5. Build everything leveled and squared.  
6. When building your new deck, follow your local building codes that are designed for your area. This will unsure that you deck will be firm and long lasting.

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