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A vapor barrier is a house wrapping that is used for wrapping the house plywood walls before the installation of siding. This is a necessary procedure in building of homes because of the unique building system we use here in the US. As you all know our homes are framed out of wood studs and the hollow spaces in between the studs are filled with fiberglass insulation. Walls have sheetrock on the interior side and plywood on the exterior, so it looks like a sandwich with insulation inside. Our walls are whats protecting us from the outside weather. But because of temperature differences between the inside and outside of the house at all times ( winter- warm inside,cold outside. summer-cool inside A/C, hot outside), it creates condensation from the air, especially here in the North West where the humidity level is high most of the year. As a solution to this problem there came the vapor barrier system which is present up to this day. The vapor barrier prevents water intrusion from getting onto your house framing and creating coditions for dry rot. The very basic example of a vapor barrier is roofing felt, which is usually used for installing roofing shingles. The roofing felt was first used as a siding vapor barrier, and to this day it does a fine job. Of course there is a lot of different vapor barriers to choose from today (HydroGap by Benjamin Obdyke, Tyvek, James Hardie wrap and etc.).


Other than helping with condensation, the siding vapor barrier also serves as protection from exterior water intrusion. If your exterior shell such as siding, brick, stone or stucco will ever fail in any place and water will start entering your wall, the vapor barrier is supposed to stop it from getting further into the structure and let the water drain out. So it is very important to choose a quality vapor barrier when building your house. A vapor barrier should be used on your house along with self adhesive membrane around your doors, windows and other openings. 
A lot of siding contractors today are using Tyvek vapor barrier for siding installation. But my recommendation would be to use a more quality vapor barrier for your siding such as Hydro Gap (by Benjamin Obdyke). Or if you are low on your budget, use a roofing 30 pound felt as an old trusted way of protecting your house. For more information about water damage and the role of the vapor barrier please visit our dry rot page.  
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