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Proper window installation is critical for any homeowner. Improper installation can lead to increased heating costs, poor window function, and leaking windows. Besides that, window manufacturers will not cover a faulty window with warranty if it is installed incorrectly. If a window fails and the warranty does not cover the window it can lead to very costly repairs to have the window replaced and any siding and/or framing repairs that need to be done.


Windows are sometimes manufactured with a defect. It happens. Many manufacturers produce a lot of windows and sometimes construction defects get through their screening. This is not the common reason though why homeowners change their windows. Improper installation is the likely reason for window problems. 


Window flashing is a critical part in installing windows and if done incorrectly can lead to problems with water intrusion or moisture buildup around windows. What happens is if water vapor gets under the siding it should have a proper way of getting out but if key parts of the building envelope wrap are missing or improperly installed then the moisture will meet your windows and you will end up with leaking windows. Before a window is installed there should be window flashing in the window opening for water to drain down and away from the window. We use flashing such as Vycor, a self adhesive wrap that sticks to your window framing and works much like a vapor barrier does. Flex-Wrap seal is also good in that you can stretch it a little to match the window opening framing. 


After putting the window into the framing we make sure that the window is properly level on all sides. This ensures the proper operation of the window and helps to keep the warranty of the window from the manufacturer. After it is level we use screws to keep it in place never getting too close to the corners. If you screw too close to the corners of the window you can damage the corner seams and create a faulty window. You also have to be careful while carrying the window as too much twisting and bending can put stress on the corners and ruin the window. After the window is installed we then install metal flashing above the window to help distribute moisture down and away from the window.


Let Decco Design take care of your window installation needs! We are affordable professionals who will get the project done right. Make your house look and feel great with new windows. They add value to your home, save you money on heating bills, and give you peace of mind.


Decco Design LLC are local window installers in the Portland-Vancouver metro area. Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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