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Dry Rot Repair and Remediation

Dry rot is a dangerous fungus that causes the decay of wood. Rot is a serious problem considering that residential house framing consists of wood. Dry rot causes the deterioration of wood causing it to lose structural integrity, thereby imposing a serious risk to homeowners.


The cause of this fungi is well known to be water intrusion. While building a sound and sealed outer housewrap siding system there may be areas where water intrusion is still present or water moisture buildup under the siding happens thereby creating the possibility for rot. But under the siding there is a layering system present which helps the water to drain down and out from under the siding. If this fails to properly drain water then condidtions for dry rot exist.


Dry rot performs well where water gets trapped under the siding. Therefore the whole housewrap system needs to perform well in draining the water and preventing moisture buildup to prevent conditions for dry rot to appear.


Really the only way to get rid of dry rot is to take apart the affected areas and install new materials. Sometimes the rot affects only the plywood. In this case you will need to remove the rotten plywood and check to see if it has affected the house framing. If dry rot hasn't gotten to the house framing then you can install new plywood. But othertimes it gets complicated. Dry rot will destroy your house framing if not properly removed. In this case you will need experienced professionals who specialize in dry rot repairs and water intrusion repairs.


Decco Design LLC can handle small dry rot problems or can help where major renovations are needed. We have the expertise and know how on dry rot remediation and water damage repair. Decco Design is your local Vancouver WA and Portland OR metro area specialist.


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Dry Rot and Water Damage Repairs

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