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Flashing Info for Siding Installation

Proper flashing is an important part of the siding installation process. The purpose of flashing is to intercept and direct water down and away from the building. If used properly with all exterior elements of your house you will have an effective system for water drainage and thus prevent water intrusion which can eventually lead to dry rot.


There are several places where it is important to properly flash, these include your windows and doors, areas of trim, all horizontal areas that are exposed and fascia flashing. Flashing in areas of windows, doors and trim are specifically designed with both ends of the flashing piece raised a 1/4 inch for proper water drainage and to prevent water from draining behind the window or door. Thus the siding is a 1/4 inch above the actual window, door or trim piece and leaves that gap for water drainage out of the wall cavity. DO NOT CAULK this area as it is an critical area for water to disperse down and out from under the siding.


The fascia flashing is to prevent water from getting between your gutter and roof and for efficient use of water drainage into the gutter itself. It is installed under the last row of shingles and directs water into the gutter. This process protects both your soffit and the fascia board.


Roof to Wall flashing is also an important part of the house roofing. Although it is called a roofing flashing it services it's purpose in the siding installation process. It is nailed in the areas where the roof meets the wall and should have a backing going minimum of four inches up the wall. The flashing will usually have siding installed over it, but the siding should not come into contact with the roof. This prevents any moisture that drains on your roof, like rain or snow buildup, from coming into contact with the wall framing and again, creating conditions for dry rot. 


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