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Sometimes people think that they have to replace their siding on the entire house and it costs a lots of money. So people keep putting it off for a future time, when they have enough in their budget to get their siding fixed. But this is not always true. Sometimes fixing the damaged parts of your siding is all it takes to fix the exterior of your house for many years to come.


If the siding is well maintained, it can serve you more then 50 years. And it costs a lot less then people think some times. Another thing to keep in mind is when people wait on their siding problems for too long, this causes even more costly problems for them.


Siding is the exterior shell of your house, so when the siding fails there is not much there to protect your house from water damage. Water gets behind the siding on your framing and causes water intrusion damage (dry rot) to the frame of your house. When the framing is damaged it starts to affect your interior walls, floors or ceiling. That's when things really start to get expensive.


Your siding components usually include the siding itself, whether it's fiber cement siding, wood siding, aluminum siding or vinyl siding. As well as exterior trim- window trim, door trim, corner trim, electrical, water and vent blocks. Sometimes, belly board trim that wraps your house and serves as a divider for the different siding types on your house.


Also, one very important part of your siding that people often underestimate is the metal flashing that protects all of your horizontal trim surfaces (tops of your windows, doors, decks, etc.).


Sometimes replacing a few siding boards, some trim and installing metal flashing in certain areas is all you need to fix your problem, protect your house for many more years and save you from costly repairs on your house. 


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